How to find the link code on my Roku TV

There are different streaming players available in the market nowadays. One of the best streaming brands is Roku. The Roku streaming device comes in a different model, so customer can choose the one as per their need.  To use the Roku device, you need to activate it and for that, you will need the Roku Link Code. Now, you may have a query on how to find the link code on my Roku tv? Well! The answer is pretty simple. You need to connect the Roku player to your Tv and after that, you can find the Roku link code to activate your Roku account. In this post, we are going to resolve your query that how to find the link code on my Roku tv. So, read the post carefully and get answers to all your questions.

Roku Code Activation

How to Get Roku Link Code?

To get the Roku Link code, connect the Roku streaming player to your television. For this, you can follow the guidelines provided below: 

  • Connect your Roku Streaming Player to the TV using the HDMI cable.

  • Now, connect your Roku device to the power outlet by using the USB port or power adapter.

  • If there is a red light on the Roku player, it means the Tv’s USB port is not providing enough power. 

  • Also, check and make sure that batteries are intact in the remote.

  • If there is a red light on the Roku player, it means the Tv’s USB port is not providing enough power. 

  • To avoid the connectivity concerns, make sure to place your Roku device next to your television. Do not place it inside the cabinet.

  • Turn in your Roku Player and Tv. After that, set the HDMI input to your Roku player. Click on the ‘Home’ button present on your Roku remote.

  • Choose the preferred language and connect the device to the internet.

  • You can either go with a wired connection or wireless connection for the connectivity.

  • Once you have successfully connected the device to internet, you can see the activation code appearing on your screen.

  • If you have a Roku Television, the activation instructions will appear along with the activation code once the setup process is completed.

Important – The activation code will be valid for a particular time interval. If you want to generate the new code, you can click on the (*) button present on the Roku remote.

Roku Account Activation

  • Make sure you enter the correct link code because if you type the incorrect code, it will show you the error message.

  • The Roku Activation Code is Alphanumeric and Case Sensitive.

  •  You need to visit the link on the web browser and there you need to provide the Roku activation code. After that, follow the onscreen instructions.

  • Go to ‘Link a device’ menu to enter the activation code.

  • You can also browse the link using your smartphone or tablet.

  • The activation process may take some time, so keep some patience to complete the process.

  • Once your device is activated, you can see its serial number appearing on the Roku account. 

That’s All! This is how to find the link code on my Roku tv to activate the device.  All the mentioned guidelines are very simple and you can easily complete the process by following these instructions. But, if still there is any scope of doubt, you can contact the experts and seek their assistance to complete the process.