Roku Premiere Setup

The popularity of Roku is growing very fast. Now,  users can enjoy watching high-quality video content on the device after completing the Roku premiere setup.   Roku is the all in one solution for eternal entertainment.  With the Roku premiere device,  you can easily turn your conventional TV  to the new smart television.  This device is very compact size,  supports most of the popular streaming services and very easy to set up.  If you want to enjoy the stunning entertainment experience with on-demand streaming services, then Roku premiere setup now.  In this guide,  we are going to share the setup instructions that can help you to connect your  Roku premiere device with TV.

With Roku Premiere, You Can Enjoy Services Like:

  • Netflix.
  • Amazon.
  • Plex.
  • YouTube.
  • Vudu.
  • Fandango Now.
  • 4K Universe.
  • UltraFix4k.
  • Picasa.
  • Curiosity System.
  • Flickr.
  • 500PX.
  • Toom Goggles.
  • Smithsonian Eart
  • Tastmade.

 You can stream the best online content on Netflix and Amazon in 4K HDR  with Roku premiere setup on your device.

Features Supported

  1.  A user can simply insert a Micro SD card in the provided slot for loading the applications faster.
  2. Users can go with the wired as well as wireless connection depending upon their choice.
  3. It is compatible with almost every online streaming service.


  1. Comes with Quad-Core processor, the Roku TV setup is very simple, responsive and quick.
  2. Users can smoothly navigate the different menus available with an attractive interface having a 4K display.
  3. You can switch between the applications within the seconds and even get back to your main menu quickly.

Wi-Fi connection

  1. Shares consistent streaming with a stable Wi-Fi connection.
  2. Supports 802.11ac MIMO dual-band Wi-Fi for better speed. 
  3.  It is the most affordable HDR streamers available for the customers. 


  1.  The device shares good streaming reliability with an intuitive and rich interface.
  2. Simple keys for the navigation.  The user can launch any popular channel by pressing hotkeys at once. 

How to set up Roku Premiere?

Unbox The Device

  • Open the Roku Premiere Box and you will find the quick start turn on your television guide,  manual instructions inside it with an HDMI cable, standard USB cable, remote, charger and AA  batteries.

QuickStart Guide

  • The QuickStart Guide will show you the content inside the box in picture format.
  • This is the best place to begin setup for novices.
  • You will find the instructions for activating and linking your device inside it.
  • You will also find the instructions for inserting the battery in your remote in the guide.


  • Connect the HDMI cord to your device carefully.
  • Stick your device into its place by using the tape before you turn it on.
  • Plug the HDMI Cord to another end of your television.
  • Check and make sure that the port in which you have inserted the HDMI cable is HDCP 2.2  compatible.
  • Pair the Roku remote with the device

Setting Up

  • Turn on your television and connect it to a power outlet.  You will see the let’s get started screen on your device.
  • Select your Preferred Language.
  • Your screen will get to the ‘Connect to the Internet’  option.
  • Click on the wireless to set up a new connection.  You can also choose the wired option if you want to establish a more secure connection.

Wireless Connectivity

Complete the Roku premiere setup  by following the guidelines below:

  • Click on the ‘Setup A New Wireless Connection’.
  • The Roku Premiere device will start looking for the available network as the progress ‘WiFi Screen’ will appear.
  • At the ‘Choose Your Network Screen’  you will see the name of available active networks.
  • Select the convenient option using the remote arrows.

Once you get connected, your Roku Tv Setup will be completed over the wireless network. 

The Bottom Line

The Roku Premiere TV lets the users enjoy watching the high-quality content in 4K HDR  whenever they want.  By following the above simple guidelines, one can easily complete the Roku premiere set up on the device.  But,  if you are unable to complete the setup, then there could be something wrong with your device.  In that situation, we suggest you contact an expert and take their advice to troubleshoot the problem.