TCL Roku tv troubleshooting

The TCL Roku TV  comes with a simple, smart,  easy to use,  and interactive interface.  The device has built-in the ability to stream the content over the internet,  and allow users to watch the live sessions on their TV  whenever they want.   You can add the different channels from the Roku channel store to your TCL Roku TV.  The popular channels included are;  YouTube,  Netflix,  HBO Go, and Vudu. Usually,  this device works well and able to meet most of the entertainment requirements of the customers. But, with time, the users may face trouble with their device and need TCL Roku TV troubleshooting to fix those problems.  In this guide,  we are going to share the simple steps that can help users in TCL Roku TV  troubleshooting.  If you are experiencing the problem with your device for the particular channels are not running properly, follow the guide and get a solution to your problem.

There could be a number of problems that you might face with your TCL Roku TV.  For exampleTCL Roku tv won’t turn on, internet connectivity issues, unable to access the channels, and lot more. First thing you have to check and make sure that your device is working fine. Check the power supply and make sure there is no problem with the device connected to the power source. Also, check your Wi-Fi connection and make sure that your internet is working fine. You may not able to use access the TCL Roku TV services if your internet is not working smoothly. And, if you are still facing the problem, you can proceed with the given troubleshooting steps:

Restart the TCL Roku TV

You can easily troubleshoot the common TCL Roku TV problems with a simple restart.  Below, we have shared the step by step instructions to do so:

  • Press the ‘home’ menu on your Roku remote.  This will direct you to the main screen.
  • Now scroll and find the ‘Settings’ option. Once you find it, click on the Settings.
  • Push the ‘Right Arrow’ key and choose the ‘System’ option.
  • Push the ‘Right Arrow’ key again and choose ‘System Restart’.
  • Click on the Right Arrow key and choose the ‘restart’ option.
  • Now, hit the Ok button for confirmation.

Your device might take a few minutes to restart, be patient.

Sometimes, it’s just a simple restart that works to troubleshoot the problem. However, if you are facing some serious issues with the device’s hardware or software, you can reset the device to its default factory settings to deal with the problem. A default factory reset will delete all the saved settings from your device and bring the device back to its original. When you perform the factory reset, it will delete all the data related to network connections, settings, other data and menu preferences. Once you are done with it, you need to follow the setup guide again to re-connect TCL Roku TV to the network and re-link the device to your Roku account for the online streaming of the content.

Reset to Factory Defaults

  • Press the ‘Home’ menu using the remote and you will be directed to the main screen.
  • Scroll down and choose ‘Settings’.
  • Hit the ‘Right Arrow’ button and scroll to choose the ‘System’ option.
  • Hit the ‘Right Arrow’ button, scroll and choose ‘Advanced System Settings’ option.
  • Again, hit the ‘Right Arrow’ button, scroll and choose ‘Factory Reset’.
  • Press the ‘Right Arrow’ button, and choose the option ‘Factory Reset Everything’.
  • To proceed further with a complete factory reset, you need to type the code given on the screen and hit the Ok button. A different code is generated for each time you reset your device.

Most of the time, factory reset troubleshoot the common problem that Roku TCL TV users facing with their device. But, if your problem is still not resolved and you are looking for the more reliable solution, we suggest you contact the Roku professional and take their help for TCL Roku tv troubleshooting. The experts can give you the best advice and make sure that nothing compromises your Roku experience.